10 Ways Your Branding May Be Hurting Your Business

Branding is aaaaalllll about helping people to know, like, and trust you, which is why its very important to know how your branding may be hurting your business. Whatever your selling, your brand is that first impression that will make a client/customer eventually buy from you. If you’re branding is not doing a good job with that first impression, chances are it’s hurting your bottom line.

It’s time to revisit your brand and ensure there is alignment with who you are, what you do and how others see you. A brand encompasses your purpose, the series of promises you make your audience, the feeling they get when they log on your site and it comes through in things like: your name, logo, colors, tagline, fonts, images, language, and so much more. So let’s dive in and see ways your branding may be hurting your business.

1. You Have a Logo, But Not a Brand

You have a great logo, hell, you may have even paid a professional to do it so you’re set right? Sorry to bust your bubble, but a logo is not a brand. It is so much more than that. It’s the symbol your tribe can get behind, but you have to give them a reason too. Your branding is that reason.

2. You Got Stuck With a Trend That is Now Over

Ahh trends, they seem like such a good idea at the time. But are they timeless? Do they actually represent you? The problem with trends is that they have a very short lifespan so if you decide to go with one you’ll find yourself having to change it down the line and in doing so confusing your audience.

3. Too Many Different Styles of Fonts, Colors or Imagery

Keep it simple stupid. Do you have a bunch of conflicting fonts? Do you use the same colors everywhere? What about photography style? You have to establish the same design patterns everywhere. If you have more than 2-3 contrasting fonts your branding may need some fine tuning.

4. Inconsistent Branding Across your Website and/or Social Channels

Same goes for everywhere you have a presence. You have to be recognizable, so your website, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and anywhere else you have an account, all have to stay consistent and spread the same message and visuals.

Psst… want my Branding Evaluation workbook? It’s a free download with loads of actionable tips and techniques so you can start changing and improving your brand, plus its cosmo-quiz style so it’s totally fun.

5. Your Branding is Not Displaying Your Core Values

It’s super important for your audience to know what you’re all about and what you believe in. Is your branding proudly displaying that? A big part of your branding is your beliefs. Are you a big believer in creativity? Do you want to save the planet?! Whatever it is make sure its being represented somewhere in your branding, like your language, mood, tone etc.

6. Your Website is Outdated and/or Busy and Complex

No one likes to go onto a site that is messy, full of pop-ups or ads, and confusing to navigate. Websites should have a warm welcome and proudly display who you are and what you do. People are laaaaaazyyy, they do not want to work for it, they want to know what you do and they want it now. Make sure your site and info is easy for them to access.

7. You Don’t Know Your Audience

One of the most common mistakes I see is that people believe their audience is ‘anybody that needs their product/service’. That’s insane! If you don’t know EXACTLY who your audience is, how can you expect them to listen to you? When someone buys from you, they’re buying because they feel like you are the best option for solving that problem. You need to know who your audience is to know what their problems are to figure our how to best offer that to them through your brand.

8. Your Purpose is Missing

Your branding is essentially you. When you are in alignment with what you are doing and why, your audience is more likely to trust you as an expert in your area. If your business doesn’t have a purpose other than  ‘I need to make money’, your audience will smell that from a mile away and run for the hills. They want someone trustworthy and by having a true purpose, let’s say ‘I want to help other people overcome their fears and pursue their dreams by offering online courses’, you show them you are a human with a heart who wants to solve their problems with a product or service.

9. You’re Hiding Behind Your Computer Screen

When you are an entrepreneur, you are your business, you are the face of it. Your audience wants to see you and connect with you. Part of the edge of solopreneurs is that we are not big faceless brands, so roll with it. Be proud of what you are doing, share your life, your struggle and your success. Be present.

10. You’re Doing it For Them, Not You

One really common mistake I see all the time is that people tend to create brands around what their audience or friend likes or think they like. I cannot stress this enough, but if you don’t create a brand for you, that you love and is aligned with your goals, it is not going to work. It should be something you are proud of, proud to work towards.

I believe there are THREE essential parts of a brand, each of them is equally important: VISUALS, MESSAGE & EXPERIENCE. It’s not all about how good it looks, its about how it works and how it makes your audience feel.

I created this cool workbook that dives into that a bit more so you can evaluate those three areas of your brand. Its important that all three (Visuals, Message & Experience) are well represented within your branding. There are also lots of actionable tips and techniques so you can start changing and improving your brand to make it work for you! You can download the free workbook right now by clicking the button below! 👇

I hope the workbook helps you on your journey to making your dream biz a reality. If you have any questions or comments regarding your branding or what you think you may be struggling with, shout out in the comments below! I’ll do my best to help 🙂


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