15 Ways to Practice Self Love Right Now

Finally, a movement I am 100% on board with, something that is near and dear to my heart that I can speak about on and on for hours, in fact, I’ve got all the ways to practice self love right now! Just for you! Because, did you know that you are super special? Yeah. There is no one on this entire planet or Universe that is like you. You have your own unique magic and you are stardust. As a child of this Earth, you deserve to be loved, not only by those around you, but by THE most important person in your life: YOU.

Practicing self love can be very challenging for some of us, especially when we’re hit with anxiety attacks, depression and just negative vibes all around. It’s even extra hard when you’ve been blasted with false information on beauty by the media. It’s just awful seeing how basically 99% of women if not 100%, hate some part of their body or personality trait. I mean think about it, in your own life and circle of friends and colleagues, how many times do you hear things like… “Ugh, I hate my thighs”, “I wish I was thinner”, “I’m so stupid, I’m never getting that promotion” or something along those lines.

We are brutal to ourselves. We are our own worst critics and we tend to judge ourselves way to harshly if we don’t fit the “mold” or our own expectations.

You Are Beautiful, Yes You!

Don’t think that self love is being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about so much more than that. It’s about getting in touch with your inner Self, well-being and joy. There’s nothing bad or wrong with giving yourself a little attention, when you practice self love, you are growing, pushing past limiting beliefs and paving a way to a better more magical life.

Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath and give yourself a hug! Seriously, because I know that if you are reading this right now in some way, you need to start practicing some good ol’ self love.

Ways to Practice Self Love

There are three ways you can practice self love, all of them care for some part of yourself and all are equally important. You should be giving some love to your BODY, your MIND and your SOUL because all of this is what makes you, you.

Firstly, you need to take care of your body because it does a lot for you. You should not only nourish it with healthy food and exercise but you should LOVE it. All of it, I’m talking about the dimples on your legs, your stomach, bad hair days, you should make a point to love every inch of yourself. Dress it up in confidence, style your hair in that way that makes you feel like you can conquer the world, slather your skin in a protective coat of coconut oil, whatever works for you that empowers you to love your body in all its glory.

You should also be caring for your mind and soul. Put in the work to be joyful, move past limiting beliefs, be grateful for what you have, write some affirmations. Do everything to drench your mind in positive vibes to show that you care. I know negative thoughts are inevitable, we’re human after all, but it’s important to forgive yourself for them and move on with love in your heart.

Create a Self Love Ritual

I’ve found that when I am at my lowest most negy self, my body feels slouchy and achey, I get sleepy, my mind starts bombarding me with the most self-deprecating thoughts and my souls’ light dims down so low that I stop feeling like myself. At this point, the only thing that can pull me up and out of the funk is a self love ritual.

Self love rituals are awesome and they don’t really have to be anything that complicated. It can be as easy as getting your butt in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and your favorite movie. Take a peek at the image below, it has 15 ideas and ways to practice self love right now! Plus I divided it up into our three categories so that whichever you feel needs a bit of extra attention, you can get to work on asap.

Let Go of Negative Beliefs

When practicing self love one of the most important things to consider is letting go of things that are holding us back. I’m talking about all those repetitive thoughts in your head that keep you from truly loving yourself and being happy.

I know for years I hated my olive-tan skin color, I felt self-concious when people pointed out at pictures of me saying things like “wow, you don’t look that dark in real life”, it made me feel awful, but I had to let it go to embrace my uniqueness. Because to truly love yourself and practice self love, you need to work on letting go of all the negative beliefs about yourself.

Remember that you are perfect just the way you are! Choose to let go of the negative and focus instead on all the things around you (and in you) to be grateful for. Love yourself, because you are the only you that has ever been and will ever be, and that is truly magical.

Do you have a self love routine? Share it in the comments!


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