5 Easy Ways to Change Your Money Mindset

Change your money mindset! How you think about and act around money directly affects your stream of income. Here's 5 ways to open up to abundance.

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Money, money money…. we all want it, we all need it, and yet sometimes it seems like there’s not enough to go around huh? Wrong-o! It’s all about your mindset. Your mindset is what is keeping you from living in abundance and instead broke as hell. So good news! This means that you won’t be pinching pennies forever, there is a solution and you are in control of it! You just need to change your money mindset AKA, how you think about and act around money, to open the floodgates of riches beyond your belief.

What is a mindset you ask? In a nutshell it’s the way you have been conditioned to think based on your upbringing, your environment, situations in your life, all collectively forming your beliefs. Some beliefs are great and help propel you forward, others are holding you back (these are called limiting beliefs).

Don’t worry, you’re not royally screwed, there are ways to change your money mindset. All of them are totally doable, it just takes commitment.

1. Heal Your Money Story

First things first, you need to figure out how you think about money and WHY. So many of our behaviors around money are simply things we picked up from childhood. It’s not to say that your parents are to blame, you could have learned that money is hard to get or even evil from a friend, your boss, any painful situation where subconsciously you basically made a mental note in your brain that money=pain, creates a belief. It’s not your fault, it was a way to protect yourself from experiencing that pain again. This is why it’s so important to heal that money story. You need to be grateful that you were only protecting yourself, then let it go and replace it with a new story.

For example, you may have been taught that money=greed. Greedy people are evil and you don’t hang out with them because they make you feel bad. So now as an adult, no matter how much you want money in your life, your subconscious is sabotaging you because you don’t want to be that greedy person that no one likes.

Journal your thoughts about money, all the negative things that come up when you think about it, plus situations you remember where you felt money was bad. Rewrite your new money truth. Why will having an abundance of money positively impact your life and others?

2. Be Grateful!

Oprah said it best  ‘Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough’. Look around you and see what you do have. Remember the things you wished you had in the past that you have now. Appreciate where you are and your journey as a whole.

I used to go through life with a lack mindset. All I would see is what I didn’t have. I would use phrases like ‘If only I had this, then I would be happy’, or ‘I only have one really good friend’. It wasn’t until I adopted a mindful lifestyle that I started to actually look at my life and see everything I had. ‘I have one very good friend and I love her dearly. I can be happy right this moment, my happiness does not depend on outer things.’ It made my life truly joyful, I no longer think I’m missing anything, I see evidence of abundance everywhere.

3. Realize that Money is Abundant

Hands up if you’ve ever used the phrase: I’m so broke right now. I certainly have. It’s uncanny how the phrase “I’m broke” is almost like a weird badge of honor that you wear but don’t like. Think about, in social situations friends tend to boast their ‘brokeness’, sometimes even challenging each other to see who is more broke. More often than not everyone around you is stuck in the “lack mentality”, thinking that there is not enough to go around. This is the perfect excuse to not put yourself out there for failure, not looking for other opportunities to make money or change your story.

When you realize that money is abundant and that the Universe is waiting, cash in hand, for you to rise up and say ‘hey, I want more, hell, I deserve more’, then you’ll start to manifest it. So switch out your ‘brokeness’ for a state of ‘enoughness’, be grateful for what you already got and treat it with care and respect, the rest will follow.

 4. Harness a Powerful Money Mantra

Henry Ford said — ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right. Your mind is as good as the limitations you place on it.’ Controlling your thoughts is hard, it takes practice to replace the negative with the positive, especially if you’ve been conditioned to think money is bad. Mantras help, a lot. I have been repeating the same money mantra for about 6 months now and not only does it immediately take me out of my negative hole of lack every time I think I’m brokebut it helps me attract more money.

When you repeat a mantra daily you are allowing yourself to think and believe even if its just for that moment. You also put it into the Universe because it is always listening. Try saying a mantra either silently to yourself, or in you head (like me), whenever you start getting clouded with negative thoughts about money. Mine is simple: Money is abundant and it flows easily into my life. Give it a try, I’ll make a believer our of you yet 😉

5. Ask, Believe & You Shall Receive

I’m a big Universe believer, whether you are one or not, you believe in something. A higher power is out there and it wants you to live your best life, it wants to give you everything. You were put on this planet for a reason, you were given your unique magic and dreams to fulfill a purpose, therefore the Universe totally has your back. It wants you to succeed. So don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, even if it’s money.

Think about it this way, when you have more, you can give back more and that’s good for the world. Asking for money doesn’t make you greedy, it just allows you the freedom to set forth the work that you want to do in order to bring value into someone’s life and make a positive impact in the world.

Change Your Money Mindset, Change The World!

Money is fluid, meaning it’s supposed to flow. So let it! Know that what you invest in your dreams will come back to you. Awareness is key to changing your money mindset and transforming your life. You gotta open up to all opportunities for money to come into your life, it can show up in unexpected ways because once you believe that you deserve it, it will come.

What are your feelings toward money? Are they negative or mostly positive? Shout out in the comments below 🙂

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