5 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO to Grow

What exactly is SEO and what are the reasons your website needs SEO anyways? You may have heard a lot of things out there on the interwebz: Is it still relevant? Is it worth the work? Bah-Humbug!

Well, the fancy word for it is Search Engine Optimization and you absolutely need it in order to grow your business and thrive. Ever since I optimized my own site to include it my traffic has tripled. My audience is growing and therefore my sales are growing. It’s such an easy thing to implement and it will help your biz in a BIG way. It should be part of your overall business strategy! Here are my top 5 reasons why your website needs SEO now.

Higher Ranking on Google

SEO is the secret sauce that tells search engines that your content is worthy to appear in the search results of a certain topic. The higher the SEO the higher your ranking with Google, the more it will display your content. Meaning, you will appear on the TOP 10 results when someone Googles a topic you blogged about and therefore it increases your exposure.

Organic Traffic Increase

It is the #1 way you can organically increase traffic to your site. Search engines only want to display the best information out there and so, you need to get their attention. When you optimize for SEO people are going to find you easier because Google is going to say: ‘Hey look over here, this site has exactly what you are looking for!”

Free Advertising

I know I’m always hesitant to invest money in Google or Facebook ads, but honestly I haven’t felt the need to. That’s because since I optimized my site to be SEO friendly, I keep getting a steady stream of readers. Every blog post is optimized and so I appear on search results often which drives traffic to my website. I don’t have to spend money, just time. Content = currency!

It Helps Build Trust

One of the most important reasons your website needs SEO is to build trust. Everyone already trusts Google and Pinterest right?. They are used by everyone at least once every single day. So if you constantly appear in their top search results, your audience will start trusting you because you are offering solutions to their problems and those shamncy search engines pointed them in your direction.

Everyone is Doing it!

I usually advice against doing that trendy thing that everyone seems to be doing, but this is the exception. Your competitors are doing it, so should you! It honestly is the best thing to drive traffic to your site and I don’t want you to miss out on this totally free tool that can help build your audience and grow your biz.

Have you already optimized your site? What changes have you seen after? Let me know in the comments below!


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