8 Disneyland Mobile Wallpapers!

As a special Friday treat, enjoy these 8 candy-colored Disneyland mobile wallpapers! I’ve been holding on to these for quite a while, I shared them over on my Insta Stories but wanted to write a post for them because they deserve a bigger spotlight!

I took these on our last trip to Disneyland, we were there for the After Dark event that was 50s and 60s themed, I was going to make a post about it, but I decided to just enjoy it instead of running around taking photos and documenting. Ever since we moved to Phoenix, me and Keal really try to make the most of our trips to Disney. We really do try to go as much as we can but since I don’t live 30min away from the parks anymore, having a Disneyland wallpaper on my phone is as close as I can get!

We’re trying to plan a trip to Disneyland for the Food and Wine Festival at California Adventure. It’s only going until April 12th so we’re cutting it close! It’s been a bit hard to plan a trip this time around since we have to try and cram so many things in. We need to get haircuts (once you find your girl you can’t go to anyone else amiright?!), see our friends, go to the parks, head on over to our favorite eateries in LA and we technically still have to work. So planning gets a bit complicated because when we go to Disneyland, we do Los Angeles as well to get our fix!

I have another batch of Disney wallpapers coming your way next week, this time they’ll be from California Adventure. I also have more Disneybounding so stay tuned!

Click to download ‘Candy coated Castle’
Click to download ‘Blue skies Castle’
Click to download ‘Pink It’s a Small World’
Click to download ‘Teal Toontown’
Click to download ‘Purple King Arthur Carrousel’
Click to download ‘Castle Peak’
Click to download ‘Space Mountain’
Click to download ‘Pink Cinderella Castle’

My favorite is most definitely the first one. It is the back of the castle, but I’m a sucker for light pink hues and those soft yellow skies… Which one is your favorite?


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