8 Marble Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Friday! I love doing Friday Freebies, and for today’s freebie we are bringing you our popular Marble Desktop Wallpapers! That’s right, you asked for it, you got it!

I was happily overwhelmed by the positive feedback on these mobile wallpapers, I did not expect the amount of attention and love they got! I received a lot of messages from people that wanted to use them on their desktop, so for our first freebie here at Kemy, we decided to start off on the right foot and respond to your requests.

Once again I have to credit Nikki Clark for photographing these gorgeous marble textures and allowing me to use them for these quirky quote wallpapers. It’s funny how these wallpapers have grown and gotten attention, we ran into some awful copywriting issues last year when someone was trying to sell our artwork without our permission, it was super frustrating. But here we are, months later and everything is ok and better than ever!

So enjoy these freebies as a thank you for following my crazy journey from creating my first blog, realizing what I actually wanted to do and still follow my art and love for design here on the new and improved blog (that I co-run with my husband!).

Pick your favorite and download your desktop wallpapers here:

Click to Download ‘Good Vibes Only’
Click to Download ‘You’re One Rad Gal’
Click to Download ‘Namaste in Bed All Day’
Click to Download ‘Fearless’
Click to Download ‘Wild Beautiful & Free’
Click to Download ‘Beauty Begins’
Click to Download ‘Get $hit Done’
Click to Download ‘Work Hard Dream Big’

I love to hear you guy’s thoughts and love that you are so invested in what I do, if there is ever any freebie that you would love to see and have, do not hesitate to let me know, my goal is always to provide a little piece of happiness to make your day (and biz) that much brighter. 🙂

Which one is your favorite? Let’s chat below!


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