8 Marble Mobile Wallpapers

A while back I created these motivational marble mobile wallpapers on my old blog (RIP HelloDesignSugar). I saw a lot of you loved these and I got a lot of positive messages about them, which is why I am re-posting them on the new blog so that you guys can keep downloading them. (Never fear! I am also re-directing the old link to this new one just in case you find these on Pinterest you can also download them here.)

Kudos to Nikki Clark who actually photographed the marble textures used in these freebies. There is also a very funny and disturbing story about these freebies. I don’t know if you guys have had any experiences with stolen artwork but Nikki tweeted me about a month ago to let me know that someone had sent her a link to Society6 asking her if she was selling one of these wallpapers online.

I was shocked when I saw my artwork (the ‘good vibes only’ freebie) plastered all over society6 from this company claiming it was theirs. It looked like all the artwork there was stolen too, after doing a bit of research I found that all of this persons images were ripped off online from fellow artists. Needless to say I was super pissed.

There was no contact info on the Society6 profile only a Facebook Company Page, so of course I cyber stalked this person only to find nothing about them. After debating whether or not I should private message their Page on Facebook, I decided against it, I wanted to rise above this and be the bigger person. I did however contact Society6 to let them know about the matter.

Long story short, they removed my artwork from the page after I proved that the originals were mine and that was the end of it. That profile is still up there with countless stolen art pieces, its really a shame to think of all the artists that have no idea their art is being sold for profit for someone else. It’s a sad reality and it’s very common. As designers and artists we create our content to make people happy, I personally create my freebies to share my love for design with the world so that I can brighten someones day and hopefully create a positive impact on someones life. It is sad that sometimes people take advantage of free downloads or just pull images from the internet for their own evil personal uses.

One thing is for sure, I will still be creating free content for you, I will continue to create free wallpaper downloads and other artwork with you in mind, because I believe there are honest and kind people out there that are worth it 😛 Oh and btws… you can get these marble wallpapers for desktop too!

Questions or comments? Let’s chat below, I’m all eyes!


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