Tech Love 01: Stardust Inspired Mobile Wallpapers

I recently read the book Crystals by Goldirocks as research for a gem-themed design project and got inspired to create another round of mobile wallpapers! There’s this line in the book that says “We are all Stardust” that really resonated with me. The idea that we (and everything on Earth) originated from stardust is a very romantic concept, one that I really prescribe to.

It makes me believe in magic (more-so than I already do!), and makes me see life from a different perspective. I also thought it would make for very cool type to be honest haha.

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it.” – Eckhart Tolle. Next on my reading list is The Power of Now, which is where this quote is from. I really want to start practicing mindfulness everyday and try and live a more intentional life while mastering my art and my mindset. Expect a lot of ethereal designs popping up on here!

Creating these gave me a sense of magic, and I really enjoyed it. I feel like my type work has been improving lately so I’m going to keep going and chasing this momentum! Maybe the next version of tech love will be inspired by some self care? Stay Tuned!

Click to download ‘You are stardust’
Click to download ‘Zap your fears with love’
Click to download ‘Moon magic colorblock’
Click to download ‘Seek magic’
Click to download ‘Pink + blue colorblock’
Click to download ‘Follow your inner moonlight’
Click to download ‘Stardust magic’
Click to download ‘Star pattern’

Which one is your favorite? I love the “Stardust Magic” mobile wallpaper 😉


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