Abstract Geo Wallpaper Freebies

Yay for Friday! It’s our last weekend here in my hometown and tomorrow is my Best Friends wedding! I’m super excited and emotional and cannot wait for tomorrow. So to celebrate all the feels, here is your Fri-Yay Freebie, very cool abstract Geo wallpapers that I painted a couple of weeks ago and decided to repurpose into some Tech Love.

I used to paint back in the day, before College and before I moved away to Cali. I actually thought I was going to be a Fine Art major, but I decided on Graphic Design. I stopped painting long ago but my husband has been nagging me since we started dating that he wants me to paint again, so he bought me some supplies and so here we are.

I do admit that I missed it, it feels so natural and so soothing. I want to start painting as a hobby again and incorporate it into the blog more so I can keep adding cool things for you guys to download! Plus who doesn’t need a little bit more creativity in their life? I love to have as many outlets as I can but I have to admit my true love right now is lettering.

** To download your MOBILE freebies, simply tap and hold the image you want on your phone, a little pop up will come up, hit save image and voila! It’s in your camera roll! **

Click here to download the Abstract Geo Wallpaper desktop version!

Which one is your favorite? Got any requests? I’m all eyes 👀


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