Adventureland Inspired Disneybound

I found the prettiest wall in Adventureland and wanted to do a cool modern Adventureland inspired Disneybound. Nothing too on the nose but just enough hints in the styling. I know a lot of Disneybounding is very precise on mimicking the exact clothes colors that you see in the movies, but for this particular one, I wanted to channel a cool Disney adventurer and create a comfortable outfit to wear all day at the park.

I found the cutest pair of pants that instantly reminded me of this wall outside the Aladdin Oasis (formerly a quick service restaurant, presently… bathrooms…). It was actually pretty awkward doing this tiny photoshoot… I don’t know if it’s because I nailed the look, or I look like a cast member… but every single park guest that crossed my path asked me where the restrooms where. It was very very funny… I was leaning against this wall for a good 20 minutes while Keal took pictures of me maybe 3 feet away?

I have no idea exactly why this look made me seem like I was a cast member working Adventureland, but I enjoyed being thought of a part of the House of Mouse.

The Aladdin inspired mural is very pretty with a lot of details, and I thought I matched pretty well! It was a very comfortable outfit to be in at the parks. It also translated very well to the nightlife at Downtown Disney by just taking the ears off. I cannot stress how comfortable these pants are… they are so flowy and I love the gold color.

A lot of you actually asked me on Instagram where I got the shirt and the pants but I don’t think you can get them anymore. The shirt I got from Target in the clearance section. It’s Mossimo, so it was pretty cheap 🙂 The pants I got at Nordstrom Rack and are originally from Free People. Since the pieces I wore are no longer available, I created a similar style with a bit more accessories for more inspiration.

Also, in case you are swingin’ by Disneyland and want to take some pics in front of this mural, you better hurry! Apparently it’s going to be turned into yet another restaurant soon 😛


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