Beauty Bar Branding & Packaging

I am so excited to share with you another process report, this time for this very cool product called BeautyBar! This is a self initiated project just because I want to do something for myself and start building my portfolio with more pieces that show my range (which I totally recommend everyone do!).

I have this idea in my head to make DIY marble body soaps that will look very colorful and made from 100% natural ingredients, but first I wanted to start with the branding.

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I really hope that we get a place soon so I can actually make these suckers and experiment with the packaging, but for now, I only have my laptop and my traveling kit as we continue on our adventures. I want to keep sharing with you guys and I promise things will only get better once I find an office and start being more stable!

In the meantime, I do encourage everyone to do self initiated projects. It works your creative muscles, you get to do whatever you want (no client!) and you get to show what you can do without any restrictions!

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What do you say? Are you on board with self initiated projects?

UPDATE! This self-initiated project actually got me attention! I got one of my biggest clients to date due to taking a leap and putting this out there. Check this post out to see who my new client is. 😜


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