BRGR Eatery + Brewery Branding & Collateral Design

New project in our portfolio! We had the pleasure of working with two young entrepreneurs who are diving in to the restaurant world. They live in NYC and wanted a place where the locals can go, hang out, grab a drink and chill in a cool modern atmosphere.

BRGR is a brewery and restaurant in the trendy Meat Packing District of Manhattan. Everything is 100% organic and true to the city as they work closely with local vendors. We worked collaboratively with the duo behind this eatery and came up with the name BRGR, a fun and quirky take on their new venture that is as bold and unique as their personalities.

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They had a very specific concept in mind for their mark and wanted to feature a burger somehow to showcase their main cuisine. We got to work and created different types of burger icons that could stand out and be different than the Shake Shack burger that’s a local gem in NYC. By adding a bold condensed logotype in the middle of the icon we did just that.

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When crafting their branding, we tried to add an element of fun as a statement inspired by all the neons in Times Square. We then built out their print collateral by pairing bold type and color with a modern matte black and carried out the copywriting style to their packaging.

I loved working on this project and getting to illustrate different types of burger icons. Having to challenge myself to create multiple of the same was a pretty cool creative exercise and all in all I’m pretty happy with how this logo and branding came out! What do you think?


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