Chillin’ Like a Villian

Halloween is upon us (so is Stranger Things Season 2 ahhh) and I’m chillin’ like a villain! In the spirit of this wicked holiday, I’ve been thinking of making a Halloween inspired post, something cool, no DIY’s (I’ve learned my lesson). We don’t really do Halloween, we’re more Christmas peeps, but something I do love is Disney Villains, and they’re Halloween-y right?

I’ve actually played with the idea of doing cocktail drinks inspired by the villains for a while now, and being the designerd that I am I always try to inject some sort of graphic design component into everything. My mind reeled and went insane. I thought that I could brand all these cocktails under one hub, one villain brand, one… villain bar? Seriously, so many things went through my mind and I felt extremely creative… and a tad bit crazy. I haven’t felt like that in a while and it feels so good to be doing design just because its FUN.

So Villain’s Lair was born! I thought it would be cool to imagine a watering hole for them, like where do they go once their plans have been thwarted?! A cool wicked tavern seemed to fit.

To top it all off, I thought that the A-List Villains (looking at you Maleficent!), would need their own VIP room or section. If you’re a huge Disney nerd like me, then you know about the famous Club 33 at Disneyland. The most exclusive part of Disneyland and the only place they sell booze. You also have to be a member, a celebrity or rich-y rich to get in. Now imagine inside the Villain’s Tavern there’s the exclusive Club 13, that’s where the likes of the Evil Queen, Scar, Maleficent and Jafar would hang.

Also has anyone else noticed that ALL villains in Disney movies have some sort of green smoke or flame or thing to enhance their evilness? Hence the color palette chosen for their branding… I love doing branding projects and have all these components come together into a cohesive branding system. I love how this one turned out and cannot wait to get started on that cocktail series, so stay tuned!

So this is what I did all day today, not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now I need to move on to my actual work that pays my bills and supports this shindig while simultaneously listening to that catchy Descendants 2 song: Chillin’ Like a Villain, not at all embarrassing right?! Right!?

As always, stay creative my fellow dreamers 😉


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