Cinderella Top Knot Hairstyle DIY

The third installment on my Disney inspired hairstyles! Today I am taking inspiration from one of the most beloved characters, Cinderella! That’s right, I’m taking on her iconic top knot look and giving it a modern and fresh twist.

I actually had so much fun sourcing some accessories to create the look including her evening choker necklace. I always like to keep these looks minimal but I couldn’t resist adding the blue polka dot bandana to give it that modern twist and make it more of that Disneybound flair!


To get the perfect hair canvas you want to blow-dry your hair with a round brush. This type of styling will look good on all hair textures! Afterwards curl any face framing strands of hair and pin them to separate them from the rest of your hair.

step one:

Keeping the face framing strands at the front of the face, grab all of the hair and gently gather it all together by the crown of your head. Create a high pony tail and secure it with an elastic band.

step two:

Curl some of the ends on the pony to create more texture. If you need to spray hair with a beach waves product and tease the curls a bit.

step three:

Grab sections of the pony and start twisting into a bun securing each strand of hair with a bobby pin. Repeat this step until you form a loose top knot. You want to be “wrapping” each strand into the top knot.

Pin It!A quick and simple Cinderella top knot tutorial inspired by one of the original Disney princesses! A step-by-step style for your next Disneybound.

step four:

Add the bandana (or accessory of your choice)! You want to do this before you go in and tease the hair in the top knot.

step five:

Go back and pull on the top knot a bit to tease it and make it look effortlessly messy. Be careful when pulling on each strand making sure that the top knot is still balanced and intact.

step six:

Go back and add bobby pins where you see it needs to be secured. Make sure the top knot is evenly balanced on both sides and has the textured look you want!

step seven:

Add a light holding hair spray to keep the look shiny and smooth all day long. My favorite is the ORIBE Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Smells really good and makes your hair look shiny without weighing it down!

step eight:

Grab your favorite Cinderella accessories and pose with a broom to get the full effect. Just kidding! Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I don’t know why, but I love trying to create these Disney princess looks. I am so not a hair person but sourcing out all the accessories and making sure I capture the essence of a character really makes me happy! I want to level up my game and add in a bit of disneybounding to these looks so that the hair matches the outfit. Maybe next time I’ll do that!

So, what did you think?!


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