Destination Vine Branding and Website Design

One of the best feelings in the world is seeing your hard work’s final product. I have been working on Destination Vine for a while now and I am proud to say that it came out better than expected. I am obsessed with the logo I created and happy that my clients feel the same way.

I worked alongside Diane Dreyer and Melanie Castriotta from The Wine Contessa Blog, to bring to life their vision for their wine business. Diane and Melanie have a great friendship that has been going strong for 20 years. They share a passion for wine and wine country adventures and want to help others create memorable and knowledgeable experiences like they have had in the past. 

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I wanted to create a brand that reflects their love for wine while showcasing the lifestyle of a wine connoisseur. With a simple yet informative website and a memorable mark, we make a bold statement and showcase an aesthetic of exclusivity and sophistication.

For their branding, we highlighted their fun, clever name as well as showcased their main focus: wine.

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The main mark created with a ligature of the brand’s initials and a vine became the focal point of the identity. From there we expanded into their collateral material and a clean and classy website that catered to their upscale market. Their color palette came together by balancing the color of the grape vines that are used to create wine.

I loved working with Diane and Melanie, they were so cooperative and thoughtful throughout the whole process, they trusted me wholeheartedly and our relationship made the initial brand vision shine. I have nothing but good things to say about these two ladies and I know that their wine biz is going to shine and grow in no time.

You can view the finished project here.


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