Emmygination Brand Refresh

I am super excited to be posting this! After lots of hard work behind the scenes, I can finally share the new Emmygination brand refresh! Its going to take a while for me to do an overhaul of this website and all our collateral materials but I am so excited to be sharing my process with you all. When I first started Emmygination, I was very lost on the direction I wanted to take it, I didn’t want to be just a blogger, I wanted to be a hub of empowerment for women who have dreams of something bigger, of a life well lived. My current branding did not reflect that.

One of my biggest fears was that the name of my business would not be legible and therefore confusing, so one of the things I wanted to do with this rebrand was to focus on the typography. The concept was to mix imagination into the logo and create a logotype that was intricate and FUN. I took a lot of inspiration from serif logos as well as this one type treatment for the word imagine that I found while browsing Dribbble (below). I loved how the i’s where merged in a ligature with the M and N. That was my main point of inspiration. You can check out my brand moodboard below.

Pin It!Emmygination Brand Refresh

I think imagination is the purest most awesome power available to humans. I think in order to escape the mundane world full of limiting beliefs you need some imagination. Thinking outside the box, doing unexpected things, breaking the status quo, basically doing something other than what society says you should do requires imagination. For me, it’s this freeing power of unlimited possibilities. Which is very exciting and empowering and the core of my new branding.

Choosing the name Emmygination (em•e•ji•nay•shun) was my first step towards my Dream, which required imagination, which is the first step to changing your life… you get the idea! Plus coincidentally, imagination pairs awesomely with my name! Emmygine that! Pun Intended 😉

Pin It!Emmygination Brand Refresh

I wanted my brand to be a powerful statement. I wanted this venture of mine to be a constant reminder of what I am doing and why. Branding plays a big part of your messaging, so I really needed to create something that I loved and that could spread my message and make people think and smile. I like to inject magic and dreaming into everything I do, so I loved exploring ways to incorporate it into my branding system. ‘Don’t quit your day dream’ is my new tagline and one that I think explains exactly what my purpose is.

It is my hope to roll out a new website in the upcoming months as well as start exploring e-courses to help you get the tools you need to start chasing that dream of yours. I am also merging my design studio with this blog so that I can start offering more value to you 🙂


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Designer, professional nap taker & Disney enthusiast. I’m a daydream believer and it’s my quest to help empower you to own your magic and make your dream life come true.


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