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We are so behind on our portfolio pieces! It’s been crazy over here, between moving and working and getting organized after our trips. But today I set some time aside so I could showcase a new branding portfolio piece, Gambit.Media! We’re currently moving our design studio (Kemy.Studio) over to this site so that we can have everything under one umbrella where we can continue to help make people’s dreams a reality. So stay tuned for that in the next month…

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This branding project was one of those were you instantly click with the client and the vision they have. Everything was laid out perfectly from the start and that gave us a very good solid base to work on. Keri was a dream to work with and she truly trusted us and our creative input, she knew what she wanted and it was wonderful to work with her. The mood board came together very quickly as we collaboratively talked through her vision. Keri is a copywriter focusing on websites and media and she wanted her brand to be friendly and trustworthy. Blue was the perfect balance of color to make her brand approachable and professional at the same time. Paired with a minimal aesthetic to give it that modern flair she was looking for, her branding mood board set the tone for some very cool type work.

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She wanted a monogram for her primary mark with a sophisticated and classy edge. She even mentioned she loved Gambit from X-Men (I swear this girl was after my own heart), and so I thought it would be perfect to subtly include some diamonds form the deck of cards Gambit uses in the comics as a nod to her favorite character.

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The brand came together very quickly since we had perfect communication, I cannot stress enough what a dream client Keri is, there is nothing like knowing your client trusts you. She gave me full creative freedom and that just gave me the confidence and fire to create something amazing for her. Keri is currently working on finishing the final touches of her business and her site, I wish her all the best and cannot wait for her to go live!


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