Kemy Casa: Living Room Decor Plans

We’ve been living in our Scottsdale Townhome for about 3 years now and have just gotten around to planning what we want to do to our living room decor. After finishing my home office, I couldn’t wait to decorate another room in the house!

While I would love to start from scratch and even get a new more colorful couch, we need to work with what we have to stay on budget. We bought a bunch of furniture when we first moved in because we had nothing and there was really no plan other than… that’s cool! Our living room decor plans are simple… we’re just elevating what we have and really styling the place to be warm and inviting. We already like the color scheme we kind of have going on, we just need to really be intentional with accent pieces to make the space pop.

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Right now we have our couch, side chair, coffee table and our very old 5+ year old rug that we’ve had since our good ol’ college days. That rug is so dirty and itchy and gross that it is the first thing that has got to go! I think that’s really the only big piece we need to replace. We tried to keep it and even had it professionally cleaned twice but it is so far gone and gives me allergies. The idea is to replace with something that’s low plie and not fuzzy.

The second major concern I have always had is that the artwork above our couch is waaaay too small for the space and couch, proportionally it looks bad. We have not found artwork we love yet, but we know what colors we would love up there, we’re also considering a mirror/framed art combo.

Here’s a quick mockup of what we’re thinking of doing to the space. Again, we’re keeping what we have but really trying to elevate with styling. I think a fresh new rug will really brighten it up. Also replacing our eyesore of a lamp and adding in fresh throw pillows and accent pieces.

I think the room is going to feel so much bigger when we replace the artwork and make it really fit the space — this is why I’m also considering a mirror! More light and making the space seem bigger seems like the way to go! We are trying to source some pieces that are graphic and inspiring. We’re both graphic designers after all, so we really want to incorporate some type related poster!

I’m pretty excited to get my hands on this living room and finally transform it into a space I can feel proud of, not to mention getting rid of this old rug! I’m clicking “Buy Now” on the new rug right after I post this!

My main goal for this living room decor is to really challenge myself to freshen up a room with small pieces that make big statements. I really am a minimalist at heart but with a touch of boho. I think less is more but I want it to be cozy.


Moroccan Rug | Andes Sectional Couch | Marble Coffee Table | Side Table | Martini Table | Mid-Century Leather Chair


Tray | Tribal Throw Pillow | Mustard Tassel Throw Pillow | Leather Throw Pillow | Teal Vase | Plant Basket


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