La Cocina de Mima Branding

Hey Dreamers! We just finished wrapping up a new project for our Design Spotlight series. So without further ado… Presenting, La Cocina de Mima! I had a blast working on this project since it was for a close friend of mine. She came to me with an idea of something fun and punchy, she knew she wanted textured lettering but gave me total creative freedom. That is music to any designers ears. Am I right?

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La Cocina de Mima is a Mexican restaurant located in Monterrey, México. Simply known after the head chef, Mima Z, this new restaurant is known for blending contemporary cuisine with traditional Mexican dishes.

I drew inspiration from nature, lavender fields, butterflies and honey. The idea was to take soft elements from nature and create a base palette that we could work with. Then, I created a playful and custom illustration in the shape of a butterfly that carries the message of transformation, like her cuisine. Paired with a very minimal pattern inspired by Mexican textiles and a script logo, we ended up with a lot of versatile elements to play with when creating the different print collaterals.

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The brand aesthetic overall is very clean and crisp, I am obsessed with the color palette and the different hues of purple. If you want to see the entire project its on our portfolio here.


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