Lucky Cat Wallpaper

I love creating freebies! It gives me a chance to exercise my creative noggin and practice my illustration skills. I have always been amazed at the response I get when I make these, I love reading all your comments (on my old abandoned blogs lol), and it really does motivate me to make bigger and better things for all of you. It means a lot that I can reach so many people though these freebies and bring a smile to your faces. Seriously, all the warm fuzzies over here.

I thought it would be fun to theme this one around ~ good luck ~ as me and my hubby just re-did and launched my site this week. We have worked to hard to get this far and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some extra good juju.

For this downloadable, I bring you the cutest of the cute, the luckiest felines around, a trio of Lucky Cats! Bound to bring luck to anyone that pets them, that is if they let you, they are cats after all…

I’ve actually always wanted to have one of these. I found out about their existence the first time I was in San Fransisco but we were just out of college so we couldn’t afford much. Still, they stuck with me, I remember they were displayed in rows and rows of different variations and all waving at the same time… it was mesmerizing and a bit magical. So since I still don’t have a physical one, I made a digital one hehe. Here’s hoping it brings me good luck.

Download Lucky You Wallpaper Here!

Hoping whatever you are doing right now, these little kitties bring you good luck and help you get closer to your dream.

Till next time!


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