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Manifesting 101: How to Get Anything You Want

Welcome to a very cool introduction to Manifesting 101. If you're a sceptic then open your eyes (and mind), because I'm about make you a believer.

Welcome to a very cool introduction to Manifesting 101. If you’re a sceptic, cringe at the word, think that it’s for hippies and weirdos… then open your eyes (and mind) ma friend, because I’m about to bust through all those limiting beliefs of yours and make you a believer.

You have probably heard of The Law of Attraction, or the super popular book ‘The Secret’, which basically is all about manifesting. Now, I honestly have never read it, or seen its screen adaptation, but my whole life I’ve had this feeling deep in my soul that what I want, I can have. I have so many examples in my own life that have blown my mind, sometimes it’s crazy fast, others it takes time, but believe me, its real yo! Manifesting is attraction. What you think of you attract, and that holds the power of manifesting things, experiences and situations into your life… even money, or pizza! This last one I’ll explain in a few ????

Manifesting 101: Get Clear on Yo’ Vibes!

We are always manifesting, whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re putting vibes out into the world right now. Each thought we have creates an energy flow inside us and around in our physical space. This energy attracts the same type of energy. So if you’re thinking, “I suck, and everything I do sucks” then your energy, well… sucks! The rest of the day you’ll find yourself in sucky situations with bad juju all around, and it all stems from your thoughts. It’s like walking around with a raincloud over your head. This is called a low-level thought, when you’re in what I like to call a negy-mood.

On the other hand, if you’re walking around thinking: “Man! Today is an awesome day full of opportunities!”, then the total opposite experience occurs. When you think high-level thoughts like, “I’m so talented and creative!” you are bursting with positive energy and confidence that attracts all these amazing things in your life. It’s like walking around with this giant aura of magic pixie dust and everyone that walks by you can feel your confidence.

So manifesting in a nutshell can be best described as your thoughts and energy creating your reality. Say Whaaaat?!

Become A Total Believer

If you’re still thinking it’s total BS, well let me share a couple of stories with you. This first one is actually quite funny. I was living in New York and following my husband around Manhattan as he had meeting after meeting after meeting. I was on a high of life, living in such an electrifying city, we were just starting to embark on our 2 years of traveling and I was ridiculously happy. I was so happy that I was super confident and kinda smug to be honest, point is, I was swimming in all the positive vibes. Throughout the day I really wanted pizza, like reallly wanted it so much that I could not stop THINKING about it. While sitting patiently waiting for my hubby in an office, this girl comes in with a box of pizza. I’m not kidding you, she offered me the whole box because they ordered extra. I was like HELL YEAH! Sadly, it was a meat based pizza. I’m vegetarian so it was a bust, yet I did not give up hope… I was still thinking I WANT PIZZA!

I’m telling you I was on this high and utterly happy living in New York. I think its one of the times in my life where I was just oozing joy and positivity every day. Anyway, me and the hubs went to yet another building to another meeting and this time, they let me sit in on the presentation (it was a Friday, and it was with this very cool girl). Lo and behold, someone comes in with a stack of pizza boxes. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! I ended up having, not only pizza, but my FAVORITE pizza, from my favorite place in NY. Like what? I remember I was like floating at this point, giggling because I KNEW, I just knewwwww that the Universe had my back, even for pizza.

I have loads of stories like this too, and it always happens when I’m that positive and confident. This other time I really wanted a bubble bath to relax but I had no money, was on a strict budget, my husband had lost his job, I lost a client, it was a low point. We were getting groceries, walked past the beauty isle and guess what? A lady was giving out bubble bath samples. THIS SHIT IS REAL. I’m telling you, become a believer!

In the spirit of giving you even more reasons to believe, I’ll share one more story, this one is not mine and it’s about money. One of our friends who lives in California was purchasing his first home with his fiancée. He was up for a raise and he needed it in order to qualify for a loan, so he got his courage up, armed himself in positive vibes, went into his boss’s office and asked for a promotion and 100K salary, without blinking. There was also a time crunch because the house he was hoping to get had multiple offers, but he put on his positive pants and put out the thoughts into the world that he deserved that 100K salary. Long story short, he got denied for the raise but got a job offer from another company for exactly 100K two days later which was just in time to snag that house. BOOM. He put the thoughts out into the Universe and it created his reality. He manifested the 100K salary with unwavering faith and a positive mindset, which is basically manifesting 101.

Place Your Order in the Cosmic Kitchen

Remember, what you think of, you create more of. The Universe is always listening to your thoughts and words. The more positive you are, the more you can manifest into your life because your thoughts create your reality.

Clarity is key when it comes to manifesting your desires. You must have clear intentions so that you can correctly place your order with the Universe, otherwise you may end up manifesting a lot of what you don’t want. Like my pizza story, I got pizza, but it was pepperoni, I can’t eat that. I know its a really lame and funny example, you may be thinking its a coincidence even, but I modified my order, got super clear on what I wanted and it manifested an hour later.

This has happened throughout my life whenever I really focus, get clear, have unwavering faith and just ASK. I know it seems simple, and you may even still be skeptical, but just try it. Have strong faith and believe that what you want you can have.

So, the key to manifesting is to have your desired goal in mind and then put it out into the Universe! Cuz it has your back. Then go with the flow and enjoy the ride, trusting that what you’ve ordered at the ‘Cosmic Cafe’ is being put into effect.  Because it is!

Trust the Process

There’s this very cool phrase by Gabby Bernstein: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” I’m such an impatient person, I always want things NOW, I want to be a millionaire right now, I want to be traveling right now, I want my situation to change right now, and all it does is give me anxiety. I’m working on it, but I want you to know that trusting the process is the most important piece in manifesting because if you don’t trust, you become anxious and enter the negy-vibes zone. This will just attract more negativity and cancel your order with the Universe.

So trust, have faith, be kind and wait for your order number to be called. I know that having blind unwavering faith is hard, but you have to stay positive and KNOW that it’s coming. The fact that you already made a concious choice to chance your reality holds power. So take that power and use it to boost your confidence.

Commit to Happiness and Manifesting Comes Easy

Here’s the deal. When you are utterly happy and joyful, living in the present moment, manifesting becomes easier. Feeling happy is the special sauce that makes it all happen. Trust that you’re exactly where you need to be and that you will be given everything you need to create whatever reality you want.

All you have to do is become aware of the joy around you and be grateful for what you already have as well as what’s coming. Remember you are a creator and you have the power to make those beautiful dreams of yours a reality.

How do you feel about manifesting? Do you believe? Have you had any wacky experiences? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Phyllis says:

    Manifesting really is fascinating…basically I just found out about it a few months ago via Denise Duffield-Thomas and Gabby Bernstein. Like you explained, creating high-level thoughts and good vibes really does the trick and not letting anxiety and fear sneak in because that takes all the creation of good energies away then. In the past I used to live with that big raincloud over my head and I was constantly driven by anxiety, self-doubt and so on. Thankfully I got over this and lately I really try to be as optimistic and grateful about the present and the future as I can, to manifest my dreams and goals on a regular basis and I really feel the difference it does for my wellbeing. I am a lot more relaxed, optimistic, confident and a much happier self than ever before. It is like Gabby Bernstein writes, the world needs more ‘light workers’ bringing good vibes and energies into this world!

    • emmy says:

      I totally get it! I struggled for so long and didn’t realize that I was just creating the misery on my own by focusing on my anxiety. The moment I decided to create those high-level thoughts changed my life. I’m so glad you are on this journey as well and that you are able to be more relaxed! Meditation really works for me even if its a 5 min one to re-center myself when I feel low-level thoughts creeping around… Keep on growing dreamer!

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