Milk & Honey Branding + Packaging Design

One of the perks of working with one of your besties is that you almost get free range when it comes to branding + packaging design. I love when clients fully trust you and your trained eye, so when my childhood friend, Nany, asked me to brand her budding business, I screamed YES. I love that she trusted me completley to take her vision and make it a reality. It was such a fun, collaborative environment that honestly made for such a great creative experience.

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Nany is a trained Pastry Chef and dreamed of opening a coffee shop and confectionary in Houston, Texas. She wanted a business that was ethically responsible where all ingredients where sourced by local farmers. Her idea was to bring bold taste with organic ingredients and honey at the root of everything. Milk and Honey is her playground where she creates delicious treats for the Millennial worker bee 😉

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Milk & Honey has been one of my favorite projects to date. Bold and energetic design that radiates joy was the center point for our branding exploration. I wanted to capture the energy of the worker bee and translate it to the design tone. The mood board blends her unique quirk with her bold personality and I wanted that heart to inspire the branding.

I designed the bee mark to spearhead the brand and paired it with a bold logotype. The icon was designed to stand strong on its own and carry the energy of the worker bee throughout the branding + packaging design.

The packaging is sleek and simple with yellow and a matte black as the primary colors. The type spells out the key ingredients of each product with the hopes to showcase how clean the ingredients are with no added sugars or artificial ingredients. The branding + packaging illustrate the simple organic ingredients with bold typography.

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Naturally sourced, naturally good! Milk & Honey is the bees knees! I honestly love how simple the branding + packaging is but the boldness of the colors paired with the strong typography really works. Working with a friend really was such a great experience and I honestly loved partnering with her to bring her dream to life.


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