Minnie Mouse Rock the Dots!

For those who know me, I’m obsessed with polka dots… I always say that my style can be described as a very vintage Minnie Mouse who slays the California look. Not that I’m particularly fashionable (I’m working on it!), but I’ve always dreamed of being effortlessly chic like my main gal, Minnie.

I’ve done Minnie Disneybounds in the past, but this time I wanted to honor her unique style to celebrate her recent Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame by doing a Minnie Mouse Rock the Dots look. I found this cute polka dots romper at the new Curl Surf store at Downtown Disney and fell in love with it. It is very comfortable and the fabric is very lightweight so it’s totally Disneyland heat approved. I scoured the internet and found polka dot rompers in three other colors: red, white and black. I really like the red one since the dots are smaller, but I already have a dress with that pattern and no matter how much I love me some dots, I don’t think my credit card can take another online shopping spree. Either way I wanted to give you guys options in case an all white ensemble is not your thing.

I loved pairing the vintage blue Minnie ears and wear dots on dots on dots. I mean there’s a reason #RocktheDots was trending no? I also repurposed my vintage mary jane heels that I wore at the Disneyland After Dark Throwback Nite event for this look.

As a side note, I did not walk all around the parks on these heels… I love my feet and did not put them through hell. I had a pair of white converse in my Minnie Kate Spade backpack (yup, that’s all that was in there!). I am not trying to pull a Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World and run all day around the park with heels on.

I also want to give some credit to my awesome husband Keal. He puts up with me as I figure out this whole photography thing and how best to capture what I want without knowing what I’m doing (or holding the camera). He is patient and kind and doesn’t mind me art directing him. The thing about being a designer is that you can’t really art direct yourself when doing a photoshoot and you’re the model. Hands up for all the insta-hubbies out there! You guys make Dreams happen!

A quick update on our life… Seems like we’re getting more freelance clients in LA! So it will be easier to go to Disneyland more often and create more Disneybounds and styles to showcase here. What character would you like to see next? I’ve pretty much done Minnie and an Adventureland inspired one so shout out in the comments below! What’s your fav Disney character look?


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