Modern Jasmine Boho Hairstyle DIY

Another day, another Disney princess hairstyle! I seriously am so happy creating magical things that bring me joy and this is certainly one of them. With the new Aladdin live action movie coming out this week I thought I would create a Jasmine inspired hairstyle!

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With the help of my friend Abigail, we came up with a half fish braid do that is more in line with red Jasmine — or as others like to call it… the slave princess Jasmine look. You know, where she is wearing that all red outfit, her hair loose and is using her wits to distract Jafar. Honestly the reason we went this route is because I could not for the life of me find an off the shoulder teal shirt or blouse! I had this red one so we just kinda went with it! 😂


The first thing you want to do is prep your hair! You want to blow dry some big loose curls so that you have the perfect canvas. Don’t be afraid if its not perfect curls! You want them to be loose and boho-like. We’ll be adding volume and texture next!

step one:

Section of a piece of hair and begin teasing at the crown to add some volume and lift. The less of a tease the more casual the half up do, the more you tease the more boho your look will be.

step two:

Smooth out the section of hair over the tease at the crown and secure with 2 Bobby pins. This will be the base for your half updo! At this step you want to take out any face framing pieces/strands of hair that you would like down.

step three:

Take small sections of hair from both sides and twist inward loosely. Secure with an elastic to create a pony. After, you want to “Topsy tail” the pony by creating a separation in the middle of the pony and gently pushing the pointy tail through the opening towards the top of your head. Layer two of these topsy tails to create a “Crown” look.

step four:

Using the hair from your topsy tails and grabbing a little hair on each side from the hanging hair, start creating a fishtail braid. Once done, loosen out the braid by gentle pulling it apart and secure with an elastic.

step five:

Add a Jasmine-like accessory at the base of the braid to cover where the topsy tails meet the fishtail braid. Here is where you can get creative and really bring the princess Jasmine vibes into your hairstyle. I used this gold hair barrette from Madewell.

And there you have it! Pin back any stray hairs, touch up any curls and let your inner Jasmine shine through! It honestly all comes down to the accessories. The gold hair clip and oversized earrings both give it that Agrabah touch. This look is what I imagine Jasmine would be sporting on a night out.

Next time I’ll try and create an updated version of Jasmine’s original look. I just have to find a teal blouse to match! In the meantime, which Disney princess would you like to see me style next?

Styling by Abigail Fifield | Photography by my Business Bestie Aimée Flynn Photo.


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