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Hey Dreamer! It’s been a while since we updated our portfolio so I thought I’d pop in and do another design spotlight! Things are moving along on the studio updates and we are trying to keep up with the blog as well as focus on the next step in our biz with all new services and cool things to make the design process for our clients stress-free.

But enough about us, today’s design spotlight features Niu Superfoods. We are very excited to share this with you, it has been a wild ride to work with Kendall and Grant to help them take this cool product and make it something awesome. I gotta say, this one was a blast to work on, we had fun doing a mixed media look by adding custom watercolor elements.

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Niu Superfoods is a California based brand offering organic superfood smoothies promoting a healthy lifestyle. The owners, Kendall and Grant had recently gone to Hawaii and became inspired by their trip. Niu is the Hawaiian name for coconut, this, along with a beach lifestyle, was the main inspiration for the vibrant branding.

We seriously loved their vision and it made for a very smooth design process. From the get go we all clicked. Both our client and us are generally inspired by California. The vibe, the colors and the overall aesthetic has the Cali-cool beach lifestyle infused in it. The mood board came together fairly quickly as we focused on textured beaches, a watercolor aesthetic and a cool color palette.

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We crafted the brand using a bold logotype to carry the idea and spirit of a sports drink as Niu Superfoods strives to be the natural option for an energy drink. By complimenting the logo and typography with soft watercolor accents we gave it a more balanced organic and earthy tone.

We seriously had a blast working on this project, not to mention the added bonus of being guinea pigs and testing all the different smoothie flavors! 

You can check out the full completed project here.


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