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It’s time for another round of Design Spotlight, featuring Anna + Ryan’s photography branding! I honestly could not have picked sweeter clients. They are some of the most positive people I have ever met and they always bring the confetti cannons with them — which is what their brand is all about!

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Photography Branding

This photography branding is so fun and all about the joyful experience that they bring their clients. I knew I wanted to infuse their popular confetti cannons into their brand because it is part of who they are and that extra special thing that sets them apart in their market.

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I created a small “bust” illustration with small thin lines to emulate the “pop” of a confetti cannon. That, paired with fun watercolor accents helped tie in that joyful mood that we were going for.

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Their whole brand is a delicate balance between professional and high-end with fun and quirky. By mixing refined type and illustration, with a more loose handwritten and hand-drawn elements, like their names and the watercolor swatches — their photography branding reflects who they are at their core: fun, authentic and professional!

Photography Website Design

Their website is a peek into their personalities. Fun and full of color! It is also very organized as it tells the story of who they are and how they can help their brides. I’m particularly proud of this design… it’s one of my favorites to date because it’s so cheerful!

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I also created some print collateral like thank you cards, business cards and an update on their t-shirt that they send their brides! The lettering on the shirt made it extra special and elevated the experience for their clients.

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Shout out to my amazing clients for modeling that shirt and sharing the gorgeous photos with me for this post!

Pin It!Sharing the behind the scenes look at how this photography branding came together and how I was inspired by my client's fun personalities!

Seriously loved working on this photography branding. I love how all of the small details came together to tell their story. I think it’s some of my best work yet and I’m super proud of it! You can check out their website here! Let me know what you think 🙂


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