Reverie Brewery Branding

Reverie Brewery is a new brewing company based in Newport, CT and founded by two of my cousins-in-law! I love working with family, this is the third time that I have been honored with the task of branding a family members business and I really do take these projects to heart. Ryan and Ali along with other partners, came up with this very original concept for a brewery that represented daydreaming. 

If you have been following my story, you know I’m all about dreams. I feel like they are so powerful and I almost fell over in my chair when they told me that their whole business would be based on getting lost in a daydream (with beer!). It was almost too perfect, and the fact that we get along so well made for a very cool design experience.

The name, Reverie, means the state of being lost in a daydream. Offering high quality craft beers in an environment unlike any other that is inclusive of all people. A place where socializing and daydreaming is strongly encouraged. Reverie Brewing Co. believes that getting pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts while having a tasty beer is not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

We created a strong icon that merged both the industrial space where the brewery is based, and the strong concept of daydreaming by crafting a unique illustration with a beer keg and a blimp. With the use of bright colors and a copper foil accent we were able to create a brand aesthetic as bold as the industrial space where the brewery is currently being built.

We wanted to design a strong icon that could carry the message of daydreaming as well as represent a place where friends and family can come together and have a unique experience away from the real world.

We cannot wait to go visit the brewery once its up and running. We really loved working with Ryan and Ali and wish them all the luck. So if you’re ever in Connecticut, just know that theres going to be a cool brewery where dreams are encouraged 😉

What do you think of the branding? I personally love our kegblimp!


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