Self Love Wellness Ritual

The first time I created a self love wellness ritual was when I had my first job ever. It became kind of a tradition for me to take some time every other Sunday and just pamper myself. I knew right away that I hated working in an office but I had a responsibility to pay bills and be an adult. Those Sundays were an outlet to disconnect and just take care of me.

Self love often gets neglected because we lead such busy lives. Between full time jobs, family and friends, battling our own inner demons and chasing our dreams, nowadays there is little time to practice some good ol’ self care. Not to mention learning to love every inch of our bodies and be kinder to ourselves. So essentially I think a good ritual should empower both our bodies and our minds.

My Self Love Wellness Ritual

So let’s cover the basics! My self love ritual is about pampering yourself so that you feel your most beautiful, but it is also about feeling joy with a bit of personal growth thrown in the mix.

Back in the day, my Sundays used to consist of the following: I would take a looooong hot shower (we didn’t have a bathtub in our first LA apartment), and would shave EVERYTHING. Haha TMI? But yes, I literally shaved all my wobbly bits and tweezed my eyebrows and just made myself as bald as a baby’s bottom. Then I would do a hair treatment and face mask at the same time and while I waited did my nails and toes.

Now at that time I was very broke, still living like a college student so I did not include any luxuries or even wine. My rituals have evolved since then… Now I happily enjoy a nice rosé or even a cosmo in my bathtub while I do my hair and nails haha.

Ok so here’s my step by step guide for a cool wellness ritual + my fav products:

1.  Set the Scene

You need some alone time but you need to feel beautiful and luxurious, so set the ~mood~. Your favorite scented candle, wild flowers, an iPad with your favorite movie or some jazzy vibes if you just want some music.

2. Pamper Yourself

Smear yourself with all the goops! (Gwyneth Paltrow would approve.) Smear some hair mask/treatment all over your strands and put it up in a bun (this is my fav). Place a face mask like those awkward animal ones or a glow mask (I like this one), you can even do a cool body scrub.

3. Drink Up!

Once I have all the treatments on me, which usually require to be left alone for 20-30min, I pour myself some bubbly. I do like to feel luxurious so I opt for some bubbly rosé, but sometimes I go all out and pre-make a batch of cosmos. You can also add some macarons or something if you are feeling ~extra~.

4. Nail Time

It’s time to get out your favorite DIY nail art from Pinterest and give it a shot! Oh and don’t forget your drink… I often forget mine when I’m doing this.

5. Get Your Butt in a Bubble Bath (optional)

If you have a bathtub, get a bath bomb and relax with your wine. At this time I just rinse off my face and hair mask, after my nails are dry.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Once I’m done with feeling pretty and caring for my body I switch gears and move on to my mind. I think this is the most important part of a self love wellness ritual, reflecting on your thoughts about yourself. I like to journal and write down affirmations and my thoughts about me. There are some cool books out there that I read like this, this, and this.

Shop My Fav Self Love Products:

Its really really important to take the time to treat yo self, and I mean in the form of self care. It is so important to love yourself no matter what. There are some things I have always hated about my body and some habits that I put myself down for, but I am working on loving every inch of me every single day, body and soul.

Because when you stop and think about it, aren’t we so cruel to ourselves? Saying we are too fat, too thin, too ugly, too stupid… Stop and listen to your thoughts, notice the recurring ones about yourself, how you describe and talk about you. More often than not, you’ll find that they are awful. It’s truly eye opening. When I became aware of my thoughts, I was surprised how badly I thought about myself and how often!

So if you are reading this, know that you are BEAUTIFUL, you are worthy and capable to achieve your dreams. Be kind to yourself, you are learning, not failing. So love your journey and don’t forget to practice some self love 🙂

What are your favorite self love rituals? Have you noticed any recurring thoughts about yourself? Let me know!


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