Tech Love 02: Summer Lovin’ Wallpapers

This months wallpapers are all themed around some good ol’ summer lovin! It’s getting pretty hot here in Phoenix so I’m pretty much cooped inside with the a/c on full blast. Its even hard to take my doggo, Pancake, out for walks! So for this wallpaper series I wanted to take the best things that come out of summer like ice-cream, banana splits, waffle cones, and all the sugary goodness. Not to mention cute sunnies hehe.

There’s something pretty magical about summer. I’m more of a Fall girl myself, but this season has its perks. The pool parties, vacations to exotic places, people tend to be in a better mood all around. My favorite part is all the summer movies (told you, I need to stay in the a/c at all times here in the desert!).

The thing I miss most about not living in California anymore is the perfect weather year round. The coast’s cool breeze is something that I miss a lot, then again I am comparing it to living in the desert where any breeze basically feels like opening an oven. Desert living is trendy though, right? I hear LA peeps are flocking to Joshua Tree.

If you missed last month’s wallpaper freebies you can get them here. To download the Summer Lovin’ Collection click on your favorite below! They are available in both desktop and mobile. Enjoy!

Summer Sunglasses: Desktop | Mobile
Banana Split: Desktop | Mobile
Waffle Desktop: | Mobile
Imagination is Magic: Desktop | Mobile
Summer Lovin’: Desktop | Mobile
Bananas: Desktop | Mobile
Ice-cream: Desktop | Mobile
Cherries: Desktop | Mobile

My favorite is the Sunnies, Cherries or Bananas… love me some cute pattern work. Which one is your favorite?


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