Tech Love 04: Fall Wallpapers

Fall wallpapers in honor of the amazing change of weather we’ve been having here in Scottsdale. I honestly have hated the weather here since our big move, and this cool breeze the fall brought in is much appreciated. I know I’ve been neglecting to update the Tech Love collection and know some of you have been emailing me about it, there’s just so much going on behind the scenes with Emmygination which is super exciting! We launched our new brand, there’s an e-course in the works and on boarding new clients all while squeezing in a personal life. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

I know you guys love the freebies and I love to give you what you want, so I set some time aside to create these fall wallpapers. Inspired by fall colors and lots and lots of love. (Scroll down to download your fav!)

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I’ve been fiddling with my iPad and procreate for a bit now and I’m starting to have some favorite brushes for lettering so stay tuned for next month! I’m gonna be releasing new wallpapers probably more quote oriented. Drawing this set of fall wallpapers really got me feeling nostalgic about when I used to do lettering DAILY. I felt sort of rusty, so I really want to start that back up again.

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Pin It!

As always, these wallpapers were made for both Mobile + Desktop so download your favorite below and don’t forget to tag me if you use them on social media. I love seeing your computers with some Tech Love.

Seasons Change: Mobile | Desktop
Colorblocked Fall: Mobile | Desktop
Fall in Love: Mobile | Desktop
Leaves: Mobile | Desktop
Autumn: Mobile | Desktop
Rain, Coffee & You: Mobile | Desktop

Which one is your favorite? Shout out in the Comments below!


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