The Best is Yet to Come

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Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m behind, or not doing enough, not growing at the rate I would love and I have to stop myself from spiraling by taking a breath and repeating to myself: the best is yet to come…

I feel like even without being active on social media, focusing my attention on my website and my personal life, I’m still struggling to keep up, racing against this imaginary clock and I gotta call bullshit on this.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be at a certain point, accomplish certain goals, have certain things and it honestly sucks. I feel like all humans focus on the negative and what is lacking rather than what we have at the moment. We don’t praise ourselves for working hard towards our dreams and instead crack the whip because we’re not “there yet”. But this is it. This is “there”, this is your life!

So relax, take a breath and believe that you are laying down the foundation for what’s to come. You are building that dream of yours one day at a time and you’re doing one heck of a good job at it. 

In honor of not loosing focus, I created this lettering as a sign of hope, so that when you feel yourself falling into that spiral of not living that life you crave right now, you can refocus your attention on the now. Focus on that wonderful life you are building because the best is yet to come.

Download the wallpaper on mobile or desktop for an extra boost of daily inspiration.

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