Weekend Link Love: 02

It’s Friday so it’s time for another round of Link Love! ✌💖 We have been super busy over here but happy to be busy. We’re moving over some of our sites to new servers which is a pain but much needed. Pancake (our pup) has a boyfriend now! His name is Teddy and they love each other, there may be a puppy wedding in my future.

Lots of friends are having babies you guys! I’m not ready myself but I can feel getting more and more prepared which is super weird to me. One of my dearest friends here in Phoenix just became a mom to this adorable little nugget named Leo. It has been my privilege to babysit him from time to time and watch him be a squirmy squishy baby.

Not much is happening on the home front, just a lot of personal development. Both Keal and I are on this wellness journey that I cannot wait to share in the upcoming months. We stopped working on decorating our home and are instead focusing on working on ourselves, putting more intention on the inside rather than the outside.

Without further ado, here are some links of stuff I gathered from the week that I loved!

1. I am currently reading You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I absolutely love it. Seriously guys it’s an eye opener! All you biz peeps out there, this book is a must read!

2. If you didn’t know already, I have a major case of OCD, I clean often and LOVE LOVE LOVE organizing, so this post by Lauren Conrad gave me life!

3. I really want to take a stab at doing these Champagne Donuts but change them to be vegan-friendly. I’m a terrible baker, may ask for assistant from my pastry chef friend 🙂

4. Stoked about Bite Beauty releasing a lipstick shade per zodiac sign. Waiting for my birthday to see the Libra shade, this month’s Aquarius is gorg. Where are my Libra’s at?!

5. We just launched our new series of Unofficial Cast Member Tees over at Kemystry and I’m SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED!

6. Love love love Molly Jacques, I went to one of her in person hand lettering workshops in 2014 and still to this day I’m learning from her. She just launched a YouTube channel and she’s such an inspiration, you should check her out 🙂

7. This list of goodies is literally made for me.

8. Currently binging The Good Place on Netflix and I cannot decide who my favorite character is! It’s a 50/50 between Janet and Jason if I’m honest, but I love Michael too! Arghht! If you haven’t seen it, you must! It’s super chill, funny, lighthearted and a good after work binge.

9. Oh My Disney launched a line of merch and I want this and this and this, you know, the practical stuff 😜.

10. Finally, I’ve been devouring this podcast. Jenna Kutcher is a biz guru guys, go check her out!

Have a great weekend Dreamers!


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