Well Done by Anthropologie x Emmygination

Still pinching myself that I got to partner up with Anthropologie! Ever since I started my career as a freelance designer I had set out to work with big brands. I worked really hard for years trying to really show who I was as a designer and it paid off big when I caught the attention of Anthro over on Pinterest!

It’s actually quite a funny story how this little collection came to be! They had asked me to work on some patterns for their Artist Atelier line. It was a beauty line that focused on artists artwork and I had been doing the production on it for a while. That’s how my gig with Anthropologie got started… I added other Artist’s artwork to dielines to be sent off to the manufacturing companies and they paid me hourly.

One day they asked me to be the featured Artist and had me create some patterns for the products. I was so excited and I told everyone I knew about it. Sadly that product line got canceled and my patterns never got to be used. I remember feeling crushed and embarrassed because people kept asking me when they would see my work.

Pin It!So excited to finally for my collaboration with one of my favorite brands! Well Done by Anthropologie x Emmygination, wellness products for everyday life.

A couple of months later, Anthro emailed me asking if they could use my patterns on a wellness collection. Given that I am such a huge wellness advocate I said yes! Much to my surprise they told me it was a bigger collection including crystal water bottles, yoga matts and other self love products. I was over the moon. They even asked for my artist bio that would be printed on the yoga mat labels! In hindsight I felt like there was a bigger plan for me and that Artist Atelier line falling through was the Universe paving the way for bigger things for me.

I feel like this was one of my “big break” moments. I went from being utterly crushed because I wasn’t going to be a featured artist, to having more of a spotlight with Anthropologie. It was such an amazing experience to go into one of the stores and see my work, my patterns and my signature. It really goes to show you that you need to have faith that everything will work out, even when things seems bleak.

To celebrate this monumental occasion in my business and career as a designer, I had a little photoshoot. I really was so happy with everything that was going on in my life that I wanted to go all out. I mean, it’s such a good thing to celebrate the wins in your business. It was such a moment of pride for me modeling alongside my yoga mats. Truly one for the books.

The best part about this whole experience is that it strengthened my relationship with Anthropologie and has led to more work with the company. Some with my name and some without but still. I get to add a bit of my design magic to a brand I admire.

Pin It!So excited to finally for my collaboration with one of my favorite brands! Well Done by Anthropologie x Emmygination, wellness products for everyday life.

You know that saying… when one door closes, another one opens? That is totally the case here. So next time that something falls through or you get a door shut… there’s a reason for it. Good things are coming, just believe and keep moving forward, always.

Have you ever had an opportunity fall through, only to get an even better one? Share your story with me in the comments!


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